Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests have always enjoyed trips to different destinations in the Caribbean. The Caribbean sea is home to some of the most beautiful diving spots and deep sea fishing expeditions that allure water sport lovers each year to explore and discover its splendors.

From the Dominican Republic to Belize, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members are ever ready for the thrill of a lifetime. Belize, although a small country like the Dominican Republic, offers travelers big time adventure experiences. While in Belize, it is recommend you visit the Hol Chan Marine Reserve where you can check out some of the biggest, stripped and needle nosed swordfishes found in the deep blue water of the Caribbean Coast.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests who have already enjoyed a holiday in beautiful Belize recommend a caving adventure at ActunTunichul Muknal Caves as it turns out an experience  that you can never enjoy anywhere else. A visit to its sacred Mayan ceremonial cave gives the history buffs a chance to admire its ancient artifacts and preserved human remains. The thrill of a caving experience starts the moment you enter the cave, threshing upstream for about an hour, through narrow cracks and waterfalls. And from there you continue to the end of the cliff where you need to remove your shoes to enter the ceremonial caves and discover hundreds of human’s sacrificial remains preserved in pots. This is a scary experience but the element of adventure in it is what actually motivates the thrill seekers to enjoy it.

Family vacationers are highly recommended to take their kids to the Zoo and discover the 125 animals that were born in captivity and live their in their natural setting. The young kids will love to see Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws and Toucans and loads of other unique animals as this will turn out an educational fun experience. Tourists looking for seclusion and relaxation can sail to an uninhabited cave in Belize on rented boats. Tourists have always adored their stay at the Dominican Republic, especially with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club as their host. But visiting new avenues in the Dominican have made many realize why the Dominican Republic is still the best travel destination around.