Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club executive knows that, sometimes, packing can be the most stressful part of your trip.  Do not wait until the last minute to pack.  This will leave time to get items that are needed and allow for planning.  Make a list of essentials.  Be sure to include everything of the list, even those things you are certain you will not forget.  Sometimes in the moment of leaving, something important can be forgotten.  Having a list will help to prevent this. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club executive also recommends that you pack appropriately for the climate of your destination but also be prepared for unscheduled weather changes.  Pack personal items, like toothpaste in resealable plastic bags.  This will prevent a mess in your suitcase if something leaks.

If you are traveling with children, involve them in packing too.  Give them a list of what is needed and be sure to be specific in the list.  For example, instead of just listing 4 shirts give details, say 2 short sleeve and 2 long sleeve shirts.  Allow them to gather those items, fold them and put them into their bag. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club executive knows that doing so will involve them and make packing easier for you.  Be sure to check that everything necessary is packed; you do not want to be stuck without an essential item while on your trip.