Xcaret is a theme park located a short drive from Cancun that was developed in 1990. It is an actual eco-theme park located on the on the coastline of the Caribbean ocean on the Yucatán Peninsula. You will find attractions and activities for all ages, young, old, everyone will enjoy this park. You can discover everything from being deep in the Mayan jungle to floating in underwater rivers that flow for what seems like miles.

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The night show is world acclaimed and is simply a must-see. The dolphin swim again is something that children will remember for the rest of their lives. When choosing a vacation, activities and attractions are always important. This one is by far a must-see as you will not be disappointed. You can enjoy the cultural heritage and appreciate the history of Mexico all at the same time.

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It’s perfect for kids and adults as not only are you having a great time but also it becomes a learning experience. Floating in the underwater caverns is simply indescribable. The park itself is located right on the Caribbean Sea so for you nature lovers out there, or themepark enthusiasts, everyone has a good time at Xcaret.

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The replication that they have done to show 19th-century architecture is impeccable to say the least. There is no doubt that when one visits Cancun its white sandy beaches sure do have an appeal but when there next time, take in Xcaret not only will you enjoy an aquatic paradise and experience the culture of Mexico, it is also designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO and for good reason.

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