Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has members that will continue to visit and return to our flagship resort located in Puerto Plata over and over again. Of course, it comes as no surprise considering the service and features the resort offers are second to none, and members believe it to be their home away from home. The best cuisine, the most excellent beverages, and staff are possibly the best worldwide.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club does have sister resorts that allow our members to use their time anywhere in the world. So if you have started a bucket list of places and or destinations you have just begun to dream about, no worries we have you covered. With your membership at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, you have a whole new world awaiting you that is ready for you to discover. Just contact your representative, and they can help guide you through the process. Perhaps Mexico is your dream or Europe. No matter where you think of, more than likely Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has a sister resort through its many affiliates.

Traveling is fun, and most Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members return year after year and have become friendly with the staff on a first name basis and vice versa. We understand that once in while you may want to take your time and use it elsewhere. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has so many choices that your only issue is to figure out where to go next. The locations and dream destinations are endless. Just picture yourself riding in a Gondola in Venice or hiking up a trial in the Alps. Many times members want something close to home. If you are the US or Canadian based, the choices you have will amaze you. We have to keep dreaming of vacations that in fact, will help you live a more balanced lifestyle. Work can be a grind, and the thought of escaping to a warm sunny beach or relaxing by waterfalls may be what you fantasize about to help get you through the day.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club can help when you wish to return to your home away from home or visit someplace new and exciting. Your membership with us covers it all. Visit our website and check out this great site as well